Winners from Spring 2015

Christian Hospital’s latest round in the “Just Lose It” weight-loss challenge ended on April 23, 2015. The last weigh-in featured 250 participants, who lost more than a ton -- literally -- with a total weight loss of 2,167.9 pounds.  

Congratulations to the top three winners based on weight-loss percentage:

  • Roger Jensen, who lost 22.803 percent of his body weight, shedding 84.6 pounds during the 12-week challenge
  • Evelyn Burrows, who lost 20.064 percent of her body weight after losing 25.2 pounds
  • Ray Taylor, who lost 17.542 percent of his body weight, losing 68.5 pounds
  • Roger Jensen joined the “Just Lose It” program because he had heard about the classes and speakers, and because it was a deal at $15, so he thought to himself, “What do I have to lose except weight?” And that is exactly what he did by losing 84.6 pounds. He accomplished this by exercising every day -- even doubling up on some of the classes. He was on a mission and determined to not let anything get in the way.

    Roger wanted to share some tips that worked for him, including:
    • Drink plenty of water 
    • Get lots of exercise
    • Stay away from sweets, fried food and fast food
    • Don’t get discouraged 
    • Keep track of everything you eat.   
    • Have an “I CAN DO THIS” attitude and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise
    • Set your goal high and stick with it, and you will succeed

    Eveyln Burrows joined because it was the only way to motivate herself to lose weight. She is going on vacation to the Philippines in July and wanted to look and feel good for the trip. Her advice to others is to never give up. She says, “You are the only one who can make a difference in your life. Keep pushing yourself and don’t quit working out just because you’re tired. Instead, quit working out only when you are finished.”

    Ray Taylor’s goal was to win, and although he didn't win first in the challenge, he did win by getting his health back. His advice is to find your motivation and stick to it. “It is hard work but it is possible if you have the dedication and the motivation to do it.”  

    Rounding out this session's Top 10 are:

      4.  Barbara Gaines, who lost 16.76 percent of her body weight
      5.  Carl Croci, who lost 15.397 percent of his body weight
      6.  Johnda Green, who lost 14.5 percent of her body weight
      7.  Carolyn Walker, who lost 13.307 percent of his body weight
      8.  Jeanne Liddell, who lost 12.222 percent of her body weight
      9.  Idella Hibbler, who lost 11.734 percent of her body weight
    10.  Sheila Wedemeyer, who lost 11.619 percent of her body weight

    During the last six years, the “Just Lose It” competition has helped community members lose more 18,000 pounds, and the losing continues with our next kick-off scheduled for Saturday, August 15, 2015. To participate, you must register by calling 314.747.WELL (314.747.9355). Sorry, but walk-ins will not be allowed. There is a $15 per-person entry fee. 

    Here is your chance to make lifestyle changes and improve your health with some help from your friends at: 

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