Breast Angiosarcoma

Breast angiosarcoma is a rare type of breast cancer that starts in the inner lining of the blood vessels in the breast and/or underarm. It can grow and spread very quickly and usually appears as a rash, bruise or infection on the breast. Women of all ages can be affected by angiosarcoma of the breast.

There are two types of breast angiosarcoma, primary angiosarcoma and secondary angiosarcoma. Primary angiosarcoma of the breast occurs in women who have never had breast cancer and have the appearance of a rash or bruising on the breast. Secondary angiosarcoma of the breast occurs in women who have had radiation treatments for breast cancer.

The Breast Health Center at Christian Hospital provides the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment of angiosarcoma of the breast. Our breast health specialists are experienced in the treatment of all types of breast cancer and can provide a treatment plan customized for you.

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