Blood Bank Specimens
Christian Hospital Network Reference LabThe Blood Bank Requisition System provides a means of positive correlation between patient, specimen and cross-matched donor units. 

For NRL Outpatients, clients may use their office Network Reference Lab Requisition, provide physician script with office face sheet if patient will be drawn in office, or electronic generated orders from practice EMR.    

Collection Requirements
Orders must have the patient's full legal name, address, phone number, DOB, SSN (or last 4 digits) and insurance/guarantor name and DOB, tests ordered, and diagnosis codes.      
When the phlebotomist draws the specimen, he or she identifies the patient and draws the specimen: one 10.0-mL lavender-top tube.  

For Network Reference Lab patients, the specimen is labeled with the patient's full name and date of birth. The phlebotomist dates and initials the specimen and requisition.

For inpatients, the specimen is labeled with the patient’s full name, medical record number, date, time and the full signature of the person who is drawing blood and second full signature of person witnessing the Blood Bank specimen collection. (Full signature: First initial and full last name)