Doctors looking at scan

Our fast door-to-treatment time can save your life.



At Christian Hospital, our intervention time for heart attack emergencies is significantly shorter than the national average, with an average 55-minute door-to-balloon time. This rapid response gives patients better chances for less heart damage and a quicker recovery.

To expedite care, we begin preparing for heart attack patients the moment we know they’re on the way. When a patient arrives at the hospital, our experienced team is equipped to perform an array of advanced cardiac treatments. And our emergency room, cardiac catheterization lab and operating room are all located close to one another, allowing us to save critical time.



Rapid-response intervention is just one way we care for your heart. With multi-disciplinary teams staffed by Washington University and BJC Medical Group physicians, we offer state-of-the-art treatments, surgical procedures and rehabilitation for a variety of cardiovascular conditions.

Prevention is also extremely important, which is why we provide numerous ways to help you care for your heart right now. From fitness classes to free health screenings, a digital health library and outpatient nutrition counseling — Christian Hospital is your community resource for comprehensive heart care. 

Take your next step towards a healthier heart. Download our free cookbook, full of nutritious recipes approved by our dietitians.