Christian Hospital Assists with Joplin Tornado Relief

May 31, 2011

Christian Hospital EMS Crew in Joplin
From left: Cari Rhodes, paramedic; Josh Moonier,
paramedic; Dr. Brian Froelke, medical director;
Lindsey Castro, paramedic; Danielle Snow,
emergency medical tech (EMT); Amanda Sanders,
paramedic; and Chip Smack, EMS supervisor.
Not pictured: Dan Grossenheider, paramedic;
Zach Skelly, EMT; and Pete Derenski, EMT
Christian Hospital EMS personnel are providing relief to the residents of Joplin, Missouri, following the May 22, 2011, EF5 tornado that devastated the area.

Christian Hospital sent three EMS trucks and one supervisor vehicle to assist with FEMA rescue, 911 assistance and patient transfers.
While in Joplin, Brian Froelke, MD, Christian Hospital EMS medical director, is serving as the chief medical officer for the Disaster Assistance Medical Team.