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Cancer Care

Advanced Treatment is Your Best Medicine

Through a comprehensive program of cancer education, early detection, treatment and follow-up care, our patients receive some of the most advanced cancer care available — all close to home. At Christian Hospital, our specialized and experienced team of oncologists, surgeons and nurses can treat a range of cancer diagnoses.

If you or a loved one is confronting cancer, Christian Hospital is here to provide world-class cancer treatment, right in your community. Recognized for our quality patient care, our cancer program follows National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines, staging and protocols.

The oncologists at Christian Hospital provide treatment for many types of cancers, offering advanced treatment options and several minimally invasive procedures. We specialize in treating:

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Cancer is usually diagnosed after a biopsy has found abnormal or cancerous cells. Lab testing can also determine if cancer is present. Some cancers can be detected early through preventive screenings. If cancer is detected early enough, the chances of survival increase greatly.

Because this disease affects both the lives of patients and those around them, our Cancer Care Center is also home to the Cancer Resource Center, the area’s only facility dedicated to providing education and support to cancer patients and their family and friends.

We’ve also partnered with the National Cancer Institute in the research and clinical testing of new cancer therapies, ensuring our patients have access to the very latest treatments. And as a member of BJC HealthCare, our Cancer Care Center collaborates in leading-edge research performed at Washington University School of Medicine.

For patients experiencing pain, our pain management team has a variety of therapies and options available to provide some relief. Patients also have access to wound care resources, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, for symptoms that may arise from cancer treatments.

Christian Hospital and Northwest HealthCare, members of BJC HealthCare, provide world-class medical care to the communities of North County, Greater St. Louis County and Southern Illinois.

For more information on the cancer care at Christian Hospital or to schedule an appointment, call 314.747.WELL or request an appointment.

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