Winners from Fall 2015
Christian Hospital’s latest round in the” Just Lose It” weight-loss challenge ended on November 19, 2015. The final weigh-in spotlighted 260 participants that lost a total of more than 1,500 pounds during the 12-week challenge.

Congratulations to our top "Just Lose It" winners based on weight-loss percentage:

  • Del Stahl, who lost 18.519 percent of her body weight by shedding 32 pounds 
  • Idella Hibbler, who lost 17.063 percent of her body weight after losing 43 pounds
  • Nannetta Penn, who lost 15.677 percent of her body weight by dropping 33.8 pounds
Del Stahl joined “Just Lose It” just for the T-shirt, but quickly realized that she enjoyed being around other people who were trying to change their lifestyles and become healthier. She knew she dined out too frequently, and she wanted to make a change to eating healthier and making healthy food. Mindless eating also was a problem for Stahl, so she wrote down everything she ate, so she knew exactly what she was putting in her body, which really helped. She never thought she would be in the Top 10 and here she is at the number-one spot.

Idella Hibbler had been in the competition for a few rounds. She finished our last round in ninth place by losing 33.5 pounds and keeping it off! She lost an additional 43 pounds during this round for a total of 76.5 pounds lost this year. 

Nannetta Penn kicked it up a notch and consistently moved up the list throughout the competition.  In the end, she pushed it to take third place, losing 15.677 percent of her body weight, or 33.8 pounds.

The other seven members of our Top 10 are:
4. Raymond Like, who lost 14.979 percent of his body weight
5. Shenetha Mack, who lost 14.804 percent of her body weight
6. Winnetta Ellis, who lost 14.228 percent of her body weight
7. Pearl Chairs, who lost 13.375 percent of her body weight
8. Gary Morrow, who lost 13.084 percent of his body weight
9. Gloria Morrow, who lost 11.947 percent of her body weight
10. Carolyn Walker, who lost 11.738 percent of her body weight

Over the last six years, Christian Hospital’s “Just Lose It” competition has helped community members lose more than 20,000 pounds. The next round kicks off on Saturday, January 23, 2016. You must register by calling 314.747.WELL (9355). Registration will begin on or after December 1. No walk-ins will be allowed. Entry fee is just $15 per person. 

Your chance to make lifestyle changes and improve your health is made possible with help from your friends at Christian Hospital, City of Bellefontaine, City of Florissant, BJC Medical Group in Edwardsville, Community News, Lincoln University, Rehab at Graham Medical Center and the YMCA.