Winners from Spring 2016
Just Lose It winners from Spring 2016

Christian Hospital’s latest round in the” Just Lose It” weight-loss challenge ended on April 28, 2016. The final weigh-in spotlighted 230 participants that lost a total of more than 1,700 pounds during the 12-week challenge.

Congratulations to our top "Just Lose It" winners based on weight-loss percentage:
  • Idella Hibbler, who lost 15.816 percent of her body weight by shedding 31 pounds 
  • Maxine Collins, who lost 13.919 percent of her body weight after losing 32.5 pounds
  • Lekeela Caswell, who lost 13.591 percent of her body weight by dropping 38 pounds

Idella has been in the competition for a while. Two rounds ago, she was in ninth place by losing 33.5 pounds and impressively kept it off and even continued to lose. She lost an additional 43 pounds last round, coming in second place, for a total of 76.5 pounds in a year. She kept it up and lost an additional 31 pounds this round. She told me that she has lost a total of about 125 pounds since she started Just Lose It.  

Maxine joined Just Lose It because a friend in her water aerobics class was so excited and pleased about the program, and was going on and on about it. Since Maxine needed to lose some weight, she decided to join, too. Her goal was to lose 25 pound and she achieved and even surpassed her goal by losing 32.5 pounds. She loved the challenges and incentives to keep her motivated throughout, and they must have worked because Maxine lost 13.919 % of her body weight. 

Lekeela joined Just Lose It because a friend was going. She is diabetic and needed the motivation to get her going.  Her goal was to lose 40 pound and she only has 2 pounds to make that goal. She has seen a difference in her diabetes and blood pressure and just suggest that people be consistent and work towards a goal. Take those little steps that will make a big difference.

The other seven members of our Top 10 are:
      4. Daralynn Matthews, who lost 12.024 percent of his body weight
      5. Barbara McPherson, who lost 11.532 percent of her body weight
      6. Judy Dawson, who lost 11.441 percent of her body weight
      7. Ray Taylor, who lost 10.933 percent of his body weight
      8. Rochelle Howard, who lost 10.611 percent of her body weight
      9. Candace Brown, who lost 10.218 percent of her body weight
    10. Ebony Chambers, who lost 10.085 percent of her body weight

Just Lose It Top Ten Winners from Spring 2016

Over the last seven years, Christian Hospital’s “Just Lose It” competition has helped community members lose more than 23,000 pounds. The next round kicks off on Saturday, August 20, 2016. You must register by calling 314.747.WELL (9355). Registration will begin on or after June 1. No walk-ins will be allowed. Entry fee is just $15 per person. 

Your chance to make lifestyle changes and improve your health is made possible with help from your friends at Christian Hospital, City of Bellefontaine, City of Florissant, BJC, Ferguson Bicycle Shop, Lincoln University, Rehab at Graham Medical Center and the YMCA.