Auxiliary Reflections: 50 years of Service

As the Auxiliary celebrates its golden anniversary of 50 years of dedicated service to Christian Hospital, we look back on some points of interest from their proud history

Christian Hospital Northwest
The view of Christian Hospital Northwest in 1968 

The Christian Hospital Auxiliary was formed to bring a hospital to Florissant. 

In 1964, a group of 25 women -- representing various church, civic and service organizations in the area -- met for coffee at the home of Bobby McGibbon. All were concerned about the lack of a hospital in this area. Working solely on their desire for a hospital, the group formed the Christian Hospital Northwest Auxiliary. 

The charter members ran a notice in the newspaper and held their first meeting a month later in the fund-raising office at Airport and Chambers roads. 

Under the direction of Mary Marks, the first Auxiliary president, they spoke at numerous public events to generate interest and raise funds. Because of their efforts, Christian Hospital Northwest opened its doors in 1968, just four years after the auxiliary was formed.

The building housing Christian Hospital Northwest was a bastion for health until 2004, when was demolished to make way for Northwest HealthCare outpatient care center. Northwest HealthCare is located just several hundred feet directly northwest of the former hospital site. 

A Grand Opening
On April 21, 1968 -- just four years after forming to bring a new hospital to Florissant -- Auxiliary members, hospital staff, physicians and community members gathered for the grand opening of Christian Hospital Northwest. 

Auxilian Selina Hulan cut the ribbon to officially open Christian Hospital Northwest.

Hospital staff played a key role in the opening of the new hospital and in the
transition of services from the Newstead campus to the new facility.