Hybrid Room Campaign

The Christian Hospital Foundation is proud of our largest campaign in the hospital's history.  

Christian Hospital Hybrid Operating Room

More than $1.4 million was raised by the Foundation for Christian Hospital's new hybrid room, which combines the sterile environment of an operating room with a Cardiac Catheterization Lab.

Fewer than two percent of U.S. hospitals have a hybrid room, so we are excited to bring this technology to north St. Louis County and southern Illinois.

What this means for our patients: 
We can treat complex cases more easily with minimally invasive procedures. This results in less pain, lower risk of infection, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery, which lets our patients return to their families and friends, and resume their normal lives sooner. 

What this means for our doctors:
A hybrid room provides more convenience and safety for patient cases requiring a higher level of care. Not only will our doctors be able to care for more patients, but they will have superior imaging equipment for more surgical precision and control. 

What this means for Christian Hospital:
We can recruit excellent doctors to serve our community, and expand our care to reach beyond north St. Louis County and southern Illinois.