Experience Life and Make it Extraordinary

We understand that the road to a new, healthy lifestyle can feel like an overwhelming challenge. But we believe that by making small and gradual changes every day, you can get there. That’s what this area of our website is all about. 

We've made it easy by identifying three key areas of change: attitude, diet and exercise. Each is important, and they’re all interrelated. What’s more, each of these three areas influences heart health factors, such as blood pressure and cholesterol level. So getting in step in all three areas can be the key to your success. 

Check them out for tips you can use every day to improve your life: Get Your Free Experience Life Lifestyle Guide Today

Christian really does care about your wellness. That’s why Christian Hospital’s Heart and Vascular Services team has created the Experience Life Lifestyle Guide -- a handy guide for living well every day.

You can download the book as a PDF by clicking the link below.
If you’re a resident of north St. Louis County or the Metro East, we’ll mail a printed copy to you. Just call 314.747.WELL (314.747.9355) or toll-free 1.877.747.9355.Christian Hospital Lifestyle Guide

Even after you receive your guide, visit this website often for the latest useful tips and information.