Eat From a Smaller Plate

Much of our perception of food is visual. When we use big plates, bowls and platters, we have a natural tendency to cover the plate. However, if you use a smaller plate, you automatically downsize your portions while -- visually -- you still have a full plate. 

Using smaller plates and bowls also helps if you are measuring portion sizes. For example, a half-cup of ice cream probably doesn’t look like nearly enough in a bowl that easily holds three scoops. However, if you try a smaller bowl, a half-cup scoop will look just right.


  • Put small portions in small dishes
  • Try a coffee mug instead of a bowl
  • Use a small coffee saucer for snacks instead of a dinner plate
Get creative and keep it fun
  • Use a small souvenir dish from a favorite vacation
  • Buy some inexpensive vintage dishes or fun plastic plates