Add Activity to Your Day
Here are 20 ways to add short bursts of exercise and increase calories burned throughout the day:

1. Play With Your Kids
Play softball, volleyball, basketball or kickball; toss a football, ride bikes together, play tag or musical chairs

2. Do Housewor
Put on your favorite music and clean out your closet or the garage, re-arrange your furniture, change your bed linen, vacuum or sweep your porch

3. Leave the Car 
Instead of jumping in your car to buy some milk and bread, take a walk and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine; you’ll save money and decrease your contribution to pollution

4. Walk at the Mall 
Park farther away from the door and walk briskly from store to store.

5. Walk at Work 
Get up and talk to people instead of e-mailing and phoning; file folders away as you're done with them rather than saving them for one trip; walk on breaks and at lunchtime instead of eating out

6. Walk While on the Phone 
Stay away from the couch when chatting with friends; instead, pace, stretch or do some things around the house

7. Take the Stairs
Skip the elevators and escalators 

8. Ditch the Remote Control (Here it is again!)  
Get up when you want to switch the channel

9. Multi-Task 
Dust off that treadmill or bike in the basement and place it in front of the TV so that you will actually use it; you can add little bits of extra resistance training to your week, without having to do a full workout all the time

10. Clean the Windows 
Don’t walk past those finger prints on your windows and sliding glass doors -- wash them off instead; give yourself a workout by reaching high and bending low (bend your knees, not your back) 

11. Get Outdoors 
Mow the lawn, rake the leaves, clean out the gutters or weed the garden 

12. Walk Your Dog 
Most dogs need two walks per day, so keep your best friend (or your neighbor’s dog) happy with a walk outside

13. Walk Your Family 
Take walk after dinner before turning on the TV; it will help your children wind down after a busy day, give you a chance to connect with your spouse, and sets a positive example for everyone to follow as they grow older

14. Limit Your Sitting Time  
Get up and move around at least every thirty minutes -- use the restroom, refill your water, do stretching exercises

15. Visit Your Friends 
Forget texting and social media updates! Walk or bike to meet up with a friend in person

16. Improve Your Posture 
Instead of sitting on the standard desk chair at home or work, pump up a 55cm exercise ball and use that instead. Sitting on an exercise ball regularly improves your posture, core stability and balance, and increases the calories burned throughout the day

17. Babysit 
Running after someone else's little ones (or your own) keeps you active and burns calories

18. Don’t Sit Still 
Bounce your knees, fidget and take deep, cleansing breaths to oxygenate your body

19. Don’t Stand Still 
While waiting in line at the store or the bank, squeeze your stomach and your buttock muscles, do mini squats or raise your heels 10 or 15 times

20. Wash Your Car By Hand  
It gives you exercise while helping the environment by using less electricity and less water