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Jan 2023


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“I am more than elated and happy that Christian Hospital has changed so much that I would recommend anybody go there,” says Azizah Nuri-El Minnis from Ferguson, Mo., who recently visited the hospital’s Breathing Center.

Azizah notes that she was very hesitant to come to Christian after bad experiences with her mother’s care several years ago. “I’m a member of ArchWell Health, an organization that caters to seniors, and they actually made the appointment for my pulmonary care at Christian,” says Azizah.

Her return to Christian Hospital this time was a welcomed surprise from the start. “I would have never ever said this about Christian because of negative experiences there and honestly didn’t want to come, but when I walked into the hospital, I have to say you guys have done a fantastic job (with the hospital lobby renovation) and also the demeanor of the place feels so different.

“What impressed me the most about my experience was the time the physician, Dr. Doug Zweig, took with me and he was extremely thorough,” says Azizah. “He made sure I understood what he was instructing me – but most importantly he empowered me. I’ve been trying to lose weight and knew that most of my problem was weight. He sat me down and talked to me, I mean really communicated with me his own experience, and it was like my experience. He made sure I understood that he had been through the same thing and provided solutions and empowerment to me. He never once made me feel bad about myself. He’s very diplomatic, empathic and shows compassion. I think he strives to be that way with all his patients.”

Ironically, Azizah could see herself in Dr. Zweig as well. “I’ve been a Buddhist for over 40 years and am a district leader,” says Azizah, “and the way he handled me is the same way I interact with my fellow Buddhists – you just don’t often find that.”

Azizah was so impressed with her experience at Christian that while there she visited a friend who works at the hospital to express her satisfaction and encountered hospital president Rick Stevens. “I was elated to meet him because I really wanted to share with him how amazingly different this place is!”

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