Who is Christian Hospital?

You'll notice we didn't ask, "What is Christian Hospital?" That's because even though Christian Hospital is an acute care facility with 220 staffed beds that is located in north St. Louis County, the "bricks and mortar" of Christian Hospital is merely the hospital's infrastructure – its shell. At heart we're much more than that. 

We're more than a single location, more than a staff of health care professionals, and more than a treatment facility that responds to injury or illness. Christian is a trusted member of our community, and we strive to improve the health, wellness, and quality of life of every single person we serve.

We care for you, your family, and your neighbors by providing top-rate healthcare services, but we also care about your life, health, and happiness by providing partnership, guidance, and support, while helping all people better enjoy healthier lives. 

That's who Christian is, and we're privileged to be a part of your community.

Christian Hospital is a founding member of BJC HealthCare.