Registered nurses oversee the health-care teams, which may be composed of licensed practical nurses, personal care associates and technicians. As a Christian Hospital nurse, you work alongside some of the most accomplished physicians and health-care professionals in the region. We are particularly noted for our programs in cardiology, oncology and mental health. No matter which specialty area you choose, as a registered nurse, you will enjoy a team approach that puts the patient at the center of attention. 

At Christian Hospital, nursing is based on a philosophy of patient-centered care that:
  • Considers patients' cultural traditions, personal preferences, values, family situations and lifestyles
  • Encourages the patient and their loved ones to be an integral part of the care team to collaborate and partner with health care professionals in making clinical and facility decisions
  • Is embraced by all employees; we believe caring for patients is a privilege

Nursing at Christian Hospital is structured in a shared governance framework, where shared decision-making and accountability create a professional practice environment.

Staff nurses are represented, and they lead councils that focus on nursing practice, nursing quality and nursing education. At Christian Hospital, nurses make a difference in the lives of our patients and our profession every day.

- Jennifer Cordia, RN, BSN, MBA
Vice President/CNE, Patient Care Services

Application for Graduate Nurses.
Application for Registered Nurses.

Nursing Opportunities

  • Acute Medical Care Unit
  • Center for Mental Health
  • Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Unit
  • Emergency Department
  • Float Pool
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Medical Unit
  • Nephrology Unit
  • Neurology and Orthopedics Unit
  • Oncology Unit
  • Operating Room
  • Progressive Care Unit
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Surgical Unit
  • Telemetry Unit