Breast Cancer Treatment

Finding out that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer can be frightening but knowing about the different treatment options available can ease your fears.

Breast cancer treatment is different for everyone. Treatment can depend on the cancer stage and the type of breast cancer. Below are some of the treatment options available to treat breast cancer at Christian Hospital.

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Treatment Options

Second Opinion

When women are diagnosed with breast cancer they may want a second opinion to confirm the diagnosis and suggested treatment options. Christian Hospital welcomes second opinions and knows you need to do what’s right for you.


Surgery is usually the first step in treating all types of breast cancer. The type of surgery depends on the stage of breast cancer, type of cancer, the location of the breast cancer and the characteristics of the cancer cells. Some common breast cancer surgeries include lumpectomymastectomy and lymph node removal.


Chemotherapy or “chemo” is the use of medicines to weaken and eliminate cancer cells at the original cancer site and throughout the entire body. Chemo can be used in the early stages or advanced stages of breast cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy also known as radiotherapy is a highly targeted and effective way to destroy cancer cells using radiation. It is most commonly used after a lumpectomy or mastectomy. Radiation therapy reduces the risk of breast cancer recurrence in most patients.

Hormonal Therapy

Hormone therapy is the use of hormone medicines to treat hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers. Common hormone medicines used to treat breast cancer include aromatase inhibitors, SERMs and ERDs. Hormonal therapy can be used to treat advanced stage or metastatic hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers or can be used to prevent early stage cancer coming back.

Targeted Therapies

Treatments that target specific cancer cell characteristics. This type of immune targeted therapy uses antibody-like medicines to destroy cancer cells. Some targeted therapies used to treat breast cancer include Herceptin, Tykerb and Kadcyla.

To speak to a breast cancer treatment specialist or to schedule an appointment at the Breast Health Center, call Christian Hospital at 877.747.9355 or email us.