Breast Reconstruction

Surviving breast cancer is an incredible feeling but some women lose their breasts in the process. These women can consider having breast reconstruction surgery.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction surgery is a procedure that rebuilds the original shape, size and appearance of the breast. It can be done using many different plastic surgery techniques including implants or tissue flap procedures. Breast implants are used to expand the breast tissue making the breast larger and fuller. A tissue flap procedure uses existing tissue from other parts of the body such as the back, thigh, butt or abdominal region and places the tissue in the breast area. These types of surgeries are performed by a plastic surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation or reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction is an option for women who’ve had all or part of the breast removed, either after a mastectomy or other condition. The plastic surgeon at Christian Hospital specializes in breast reconstruction after breast cancer. Learn more about the breast reconstruction options available at Christian Hospital.

Types of Breast Reconstruction

There are many different types of breast reconstruction options for women who have undergone breast cancer. Below are procedures available at Christian Hospital.

Implant Surgery Options

  • Saline Implants
  • Silicone-gel implant
  • Cohesive gel

Tissue Flap Procedures

At Christian our plastic surgeon, Dr. Buck, specializes in all breast reconstruction procedures and has expertise in reconstructions using the patients own tissue including techniques that spare removal of muscle (DIEP/GAP) thereby minimizing postoperative pain, abdominal weakness, and morbidity. 

  • Latissimus dorsi muscle flap - uses tissue from the back
  • DIEP/TRAM - uses tissue from the abdomen
  • TUG flap-uses tissue the inner thigh
  • GAP flap-uses tissue from the buttock

Nipple and Areola Reconstruction

  • Nipple and areola reconstruction
  • Tattooing

For more information on breast reconstruction surgery or to schedule an appointment, call Christian Hospital at 877.747.9355 or email us.