A lumpectomy is a breast cancer surgery that removes only the cancerous mass or tumor and some surrounding breast tissue. It’s supposed to preserve the breast tissue unlike a mastectomy which removes all the breast tissue. A lumpectomy can be followed up with radiation or chemotherapy.

What to Expect

Before a lumpectomy, your doctor will run tests and go over your medical history. Your tumor may need to be marked so the surgeon knows where it is to preserve as much breast tissue as possible.

During the surgery the breast surgeon will remove the tumor and some surrounding tissue. After the surgery, you will be sent to a recovery room and taught how to care for your incision at home.

The results from your surgery will take a few days. A pathologist will examine the tumor and determine what type of breast cancer you have and will send the results to your doctor. Your doctor and you will then decide how to move forward with treating your breast cancer.

Possible Complications

The following are the most common risks associated with lumpectomy surgery.

  • Loss of sensation
  • Asymmetrical breast
  • Nerve damage

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