Post-Treatment for Breast Cancer

Surviving breast cancer is a wonderful feeling. However, the road to recovery or getting back to your normal routine can take some time and may come with some complications.

The Breast Health Center at Christian Hospital has put together information on common topics about life after breast cancer.

On-Going Care

After you survive breast cancer, treatment is never really over and is a life-long commitment. Make sure you continue to follow your treatment plan and participate in the follow-up care. This includes taking your prescribed medications, making sure to do your breast self-exams every month, visit your doctor regularly and have yearly checkups and mammogram screenings to detect or prevent recurrent breast cancer.


According to recent studies, pregnancy after breast cancer does not increase the risk of the cancer to reoccur. However, doctors recommend that a woman waits a minimum of two years after breast cancer treatment to become pregnant. This allows time for any cancer cells left behind from the initial treatment to be found.


The ability to breastfeed your baby after surviving breast cancer depends on many factors including the type of breast cancer treatment you had. Breastfeeding can’t happen after a double mastectomy. However, breastfeeding can be an option after other less evasive treatments. Talk to your doctor to find out if breastfeeding after breast cancer is right for you.


After breast cancer treatment, women can go through intimacy issues. Some women may have a lack of interest in sex due to hormone changes, low self-esteem, loss of sensation and/or other effects from breast cancer treatment.

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