Getting a Second Opinion

You were just diagnosed with breast cancer and now you are considering getting a second opinion. This isn’t a bad thing. A second opinion is a great way to help confirm a diagnosis or even help you decide on the best treatment plan for you. You need to feel comfortable with your decision to undergo breast cancer treatment.

Why Get a Second Opinion?

Some doctors may have different ways of treating your breast cancer. A second opinion can help clarify a diagnosis and in rare cases can change the diagnosis and prognosis. Ultimately, a second opinion can help you decide on the right treatment for you.

When Can I Get a Second Opinion?

A second opinion can be given at any time during the cancer process. Second opinions are usually more common before breast cancer treatment begins.

Asking for a Second Opinion

Telling your doctor that you want a second opinion can be uncomfortable but rest assured that doctors hear this all the time. Most doctors welcome second opinions and can refer you to a reputable place to go to get one.

Second Opinion Process

Once you have decided to get a second opinion you will need to decide where to go to get it. Next, you will need to send all your medical records about your breast cancer to the doctor that you are seeking the second opinion from. The doctor will then review your records, diagnosis and treatment plan and may even have the Tumor Board look over your records and test results as well. Most multi-disciplinary hospitals have a Tumor Board that look over special cancer cases. After the doctor looks over your information, he or she will provide you with their diagnosis and treatment plan. Sometimes, this may confirm the original diagnosis and treatment plan or it may provide you with more options.

After a Second Opinion

Once you have received your second opinion you may get better peace of mind on your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment options. If the second opinion was the same as the first one, then it can confirm the type of breast cancer you have and the best possible treatment plan for your situation. If the second opinion is different, then it gives you options on how to move forward with your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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