Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis

Learning that you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer can make you feel like your world is being turned upside down. Below is information on cancer diagnosis and how to cope with cancer.

How is Cancer Diagnosed?

Cancer is usually diagnosed in a lab after a cancer specialist has looked at a tissue sample, usually from a biopsy, and found abnormal or cancerous cells. Lab testing of cell’s proteins, DNA and RNA can also determine if cancer is present.

Coping with the diagnosis

Some practical things that you can do to help during this time include the following:

  • Learn more about and research your type of cancer
  • Keep a journal of your feelings and the impact on your life
  • Learn about your health insurance benefits
  • Continue doing some of your usual, daily activities
  • Utilize support groups in your area
  • Get support from your family
  • Share what you have learned

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