Cancer Research

Today’s Research Leads to Tomorrow’s Treatments

Clinical trials analyze new treatments that consist of drug combinations, radiation or surgery, and gene therapies. Our Cancer Care Center hosts studies from nationally recognized oncology cooperative groups.

Research concentrates on cancers of the breast, prostate, lung, colon, head and neck, and lymphomas to determine which new treatments improve survival rates and quality of life. Focus on Phase III clinical trials compares the outcomes of patients assigned to new treatments to those of patients receiving standard treatments.

The trials are ethically designed, closely supervised and represent the newest, state-of-the-art treatments. Best of all, the results contribute to future medical breakthroughs, including prevention and treatment.

Timothy Rearden, MD, medical director of the Cancer Care Center at Christian Hospital, is principal investigator of the clinical trials. Fellow investigator is Senior Clinical Research Associate Alicia Rodgers, CCRP.

Timothy Rearden, MD
Timothy Rearden, MD, is
the medical director of the
Cancer Care Center
and principal investigator
of the clinical trials.

Alicia Rodgers, CCRP
Senior Clinical Research
 Alicia Rodgers, CCRP,
helps cancer trial participants 
every step along the way.

Donald Jones,  Research Coordinator
Donald Jones is our
research coordinator.