Bone Density Scanning

"Having one's imaging tests at the same hospital where the primary doctor is affiliated increases the continuity of care. That's a significant benefit for patients."

- Hilton Price, MD
Chief of Radiology






Bone Density Testing (DEXA scan) is the best method to determine the current status of your bones and your risk of developing osteoporosis. It is a safe, simple and painless procedure that takes only minutes to complete.

The test is quick — the entire procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

The test is painless — there are no needle sticks or other invasive procedures.

There is no need to change into a hospital gown. Just wear slacks/shorts without any snaps or zippers.

You will lie on a comfortable padded table, which is not cold or hard like an X-ray table.

There is no inconvenient preparation — you may eat and drink normally. If you are taking a calcium supplement please stop taking it 24 hours prior to your test.

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