Orthopedic Treatments
Orthopedic treatments, exams and xrays at Christian Hospital

Emergency Services

Our orthopedic team works with specialists in emergency medicine to provide you with high-quality care for orthopedic injuries—from a broken ankle, to a fractured hip, to complex reconstructive procedures.

Foot and Ankle

From chronic disorders to an acute injury of the foot or ankle, our orthopedic specialists have expertise in a wide range of foot and ankle problems. You’ll receive comprehensive care from diagnosis, to treatment, to rehabilitation.


If you have a minor crack in your finger, a dislocated shoulder or a complete broken bone, it’s important that you get a prompt, accurate diagnosis from our orthopedic experts. We provide non-surgical treatments, advanced surgery if needed, post-surgical care, and rehabilitation therapies.

Hand and Upper Extremity

If you have reoccurring hand or wrist pain, schedule an evaluation with our orthopedic surgeons.

We specialize in conditions and injuries of the hand, wrist and upper extremity such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis of the hand, and tennis elbow. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to your care with a team of experienced physicians, surgeons and therapists all working together to help you achieve your functional goals.

Hip Replacement

Osteoarthritis of the hip is the most common reason for a hip replacement. Other conditions that can cause destruction of the hip joint include loss of the blood supply to the head of the thighbone (osteonecrosis), rheumatoid arthritis, injury, infection, and developmental abnormalities of the hip. We offer minimally invasive total hip replacement surgery with less pain, faster recovery, and a shorter hospital stay.

Muscle and Soft Tissue

We provide surgical and nonsurgical treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and disorders of the joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. Our rehabilitation therapies are customized specifically for your treatment plan with the goal of getting you back to your work and lifestyle.

Spine and Back

Our specialists in spine and back care offer expertise in treating conditions such as degenerative disc disease, spinal fusion and spinal stenosis. Our services include both conservative methods and surgical treatment options.

Sports Medicine

We provide diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports-related conditions such as injuries to bones, joints and soft tissue. Whether you are a high school athlete, a weekend runner, or a triathlete, we offer the treatments and programs to help you improve performance and get you back into the game.

Total Joint Replacement

We have the experience and expertise to provide total joint replacement of the knee, hip, ankle and shoulder. We use non-operative treatments first, but if these options don’t give you pain relief, you might be a candidate for joint replacement. We guide you through the whole process, from pre-surgery education to post-surgery rehabilitation and recovery.