Asthma Center

The Asthma Center at Christian Hospital

The airways that carry oxygen to your lungs are supposed to be wide open so you can breathe easily -- but with asthma, the airways become inflamed. This decreases the amount of air that reaches your lungs, and causes you to cough and wheeze.

It's difficult to do anything when you're short of breath, but some asthma attacks can be so severe that not enough oxygen reaches vital organs. That's more than just a nuisance -- that can be life threatening.

  • Asthma accounts for 25 percent of all emergency room visits in the United States
  • Asthma is the leading cause of school absences in the United States
  • Asthma rates in Missouri are higher than the national average
  • Florissant has the highest number of asthma cases in St. Louis County

The Asthma Center is directed by a pulmonologist and staffed by a nurse clinical coordinator and nine respiratory therapists well-trained in asthma education. They create a personalized action plan just for you.

  • Your asthma will be better controlled
  • You will have fewer attacks
  • You should have fewer symptoms
  • You should be able to resume normal activities
  • You will not need to use quick-relief medicines as often
  • You will learn how to live well despite asthma's effects
  • You will improve your overall fitness, including your heart and lungs
  • You and your family will receive ongoing education and emotional support

A doctor's referral is not required. Call 314.953.8440 to make an appointment.