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Apr 2022


By: Andrew    2094 0

“Words can’t express how I now look at this superb medical facility,” declares Norma McMullen of Ferguson, Missouri, after arriving by ambulance to Christian Hospital on March 20, 2022, with stroke symptoms. “I am COMPLETELY satisfied with the extraordinary care I received from the very first day I arrived. All my medical care has been through Mercy and coming to Christian now has completely redirected my plan of health care.”

Norma was at home alone resting in bed on that Sunday morning when she began experiencing a headache. “It was like a bolt of lightning hit me on the side of my head and went over from right to left – I was having a mini-stroke but didn’t know it,” recalls Norma. “I took two aspirin and laid back down but the right side of my face, my mouth, my eyes and my head were all numb, like I had been to the dentist. I thought maybe it was because I had been laying on that side but when it didn’t go away, I knew I had to call for help.”

Within minutes Christian Hospital EMS paramedics arrived. “All of my life my medical care has been at Mercy Hospital,” notes Norma, “but when I was advised that I needed to get to Christian as soon possible, since it’s the closest, that was okay with me.

“From the time we hit the ER door, staff and the doctor were all there waiting for me,” says Norma. Her husband was at church that morning when notified and arrived at the hospital when Norma did and was soon by her side. She was administered recommended medication and underwent a CT of her head in radiology before going to the ICU.

“The ICU was all excellent care, and they were really on it,” says Norma, who was there two days. “From there they moved me to the 10th floor and everything was excellent there as well, so I chose to stay here for my therapy too, and the therapy staff showed such patience and excellent care for me!” Norma was on the 10th floor for two days before going to Christian Hospital’s comprehensive medical rehab unit, where she stayed for eight days receiving therapy.

“What surprised me the most about Christian Hospital I would say is the level of care and as far as them explaining everything to me – ‘This is what we’re going to do’ and ‘This is why we’re going to do this’ and ‘This is what we recommend,’” recalls Norma. “The medical team was doing all that they’re trained to do – but they did it with compassion. They made me feel human and that they really cared about me!”

Norma’s experience changed everything she had ever thought about Christian Hospital.

“Christian Hospital has a reputation and now I can speak on my own experience and not what somebody said about it – I experienced this, and I have been here, and this is what happened to me – this is my testimony,” affirms Norma, “and I’m going to preach it anywhere I go, and I’m switching to doctors associated with Christian Hospital. The doctor who cared for me here in this hospital, Dr. Ghassan Khoukaz, had a bedside manner like something from the past – it was excellent! This hospital has great patient service.”

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