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Just Lose It

Winners from Spring 2017

Christian Hospital’s latest round in the “Just Lose It” weight-loss challenge ended on April 27, 2017. The final weigh-in spotlighted 225 participants that lost a total of more than 1,700 pounds during the 12-week challenge.

Congratulations to our top "Just Lose It" winners based on weight-loss percentage:

  • Joyce Jackson, who lost 14.052 percent of her body weight by shedding 34.4 pounds 
  • Robert Caswell, who lost 12.901 percent of his body weight after losing 32.2 pounds
  • Carolyn Walker, who lost 12.675 percent of her body weight by dropping 23.6 pounds

Joyce Jackson has been in the competition for a while. This round, she wanted to lose the weight to get off of her high blood pressure medication. She also had a bet with a friend as to who could lose the most weight. Whoever lost needed to pay the other’s “Just Lose It” $15 interest fee. (We think Joyce got the “Just Lose It” program for free this round.)

Jackson said it had to be a lifestyle change for her, so she concentrated on portion control and making sure she exercised three to five times a week. She made her activities about fitness, so instead of going to the movies where she sat still, she went bowling, skating or walking.

Robert Caswell’s inspiration and motivation for joining “Just Lose It” were his mother and grandmother. His mom managed to lose more than 30 pounds, and finished third in “Just Lose It” last year while taking care of his ailing grandmother, who passed away in August of last year. Coping with taking care of his grandmother and dealing with her own health, Caswell’s mother persistently encouraged him to take his own health more seriously. He leaned on his mom and his faith to see the program through to the end. 

Although the late nights at the gym, and giving up soda and pizza was difficult, Caswell is happy to see a side of the scale he hasn’t seen in 10 years. He wants everyone to remember to have faith and know that all things are possible.

Carolyn Walker has been a “Just Lose It” finalist twice before, at number 10 and number 7, but never in the Top 3 until now.
Walker joined “Just Lose It” because she knows it is a program that has benefits beyond the scales and weight loss. “The program changes your mindset with different techniques on food, fun and fitness. Information we receive applies to everyone and to every lifestyle.”

What worked best for Walker was knowing the people at her weigh-in site cared about her and her success. “They were always supportive and encouraging, even when I had a bad week. They believed I could -- and would -- do better. And if I didn’t, that was okay too, because it wasn’t about the weight loss, it about getting healthier.” 

Walker’s most challenging barrier has been -- and will continue to be -- the “Couch to 5K” challenge. This is the first time she has ran more than a block. Training to run 3.1 miles is taking her to the next level of becoming a healthier person. 

The other seven members of our Top 10 are:
 4. General Smith, who lost 12.432 percent of his body weight
 5. Lekeela Caswell, who lost 11.306 percent of her body weight
 6. Lizabeth Kowalski, who lost 10.588 percent of her body weight
 7. Casside Betts, who lost 10.476 percent of her body weight
 8. Fran Williams, who lost 10.335 percent of his body weight
 9. Venecia Mimms, who lost 10.306 percent of her body weight
10. Amanda Johnson, who lost 9.568 percent of her body weight

Since 2010, Christian Hospital’s “Just Lose It” competition has helped community members lose more than 25,000 pounds.

The next round kicks off on Saturday, August 12, 2017. You must register by calling 314.747.WELL (9355). Registration will begin on or after June 1. Sorry, but walk-ins will not be allowed. Entry fee is $15 per person. 

Your chance to make lifestyle changes and improve your health is made possible with help from your friends at:


To pre-register for the next Just Lose It challenge, call 314.747.WELL.

Just Lose It Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older at time of entry
  • Attend mandatory kick-off and orientation, 9-11 a.m., Saturday, August 12, 2017 
  • Select a weigh-in site, weigh in for at least 10 of the 12 weeks to be eligible for prizes
  • Pay $15 entry fee by cash or check made out to Christian Hospital
  • Sign and turn in a release waiver and a tracking form at the kick-off event

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